I had the opportunity to participate to the Italian meeting of the Scientific Advidory Board of United Nation. Challenges for the future are big: climate change will create further inequalities; the issue of nutrition could involve the global population because both over and under nutrition could create health problems; the capacity of community participation will be the key to answer to the threats.
But how can we bring innovations in developing countries? How can we guarantee a sustainable development in line with the goals fixed by United Nation in the 2030 Agenda?

For scientists from different areas the answers are science and education, with a local dimension and a region development target. Innovation could not be transferred. Innovation have to be built. Science could have the role of monitoring this development process, and could have the capacity to dream a better world and then to find solution to go toward it.

On Micron you can read the full article (in Italian sorry). Anyway, what I wanted to snap it would have been  the moment in which scientists wanted to leave the possibility to talk and answer each other, because this picture would represent the openess and collaboration of this commission.